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Welcome! We do our best to look after you as our aim is to have happy tenants.

If you need to find out about Council provided services please click here.

If there is something wrong at the property, the if we have been engaged to manage it as well as find a tenant then please call us on 01458 252530 or if its an after hours emergency try 07955670006. If the landlord deals with maintenance issues then you will have been given their phone number.

Part of your aim and ours is to have all of your deposit returned to you when you leave which is why we encourage landlords to have an independent inventory clerk inspect the property, check you in and check you out with a final inspection. Our landlords usually require us to carry out a brief inspection every 3 months. This gives you a chance to report anything but also lets us tell you if we see anything starting to happen that might affect your deposit.

One of the commonest issues (other than breaching any no pets or no smoking agreements) is mould! Sometimes tenants will hang up damp clothes indoors and leave the windows tightly shut with the heating on .... this will cause mould from condensation, in the same way as not opening bedroom windows when sleeping. Yes, you are paying for the heating but you are also expected to ventilate the property to allow warm damp air to escape. If you don’t then the cost of dealing with the mould and redecorating will doubtless exceed the fuel costs and when you move out you really will want to get back as much deposit as you can.

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